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Rig Equipment

Manual Slips

Manual Slips

Drill pipe slips must meet the complicated challenge of being powerful enough to safely hold drill string weight while still offering a full range of operations. They play a critical role in transferring the load from the elevators to the rotary table. Forum slips are designed to withstand substantial dynamic loading without resulting in catastrophic failures such as slip toe damage, potentially endangering rig crews and/ or slowing down operations.

Featuring enhanced wraparound insert designs, Forum’s manual drill collar slips prevent bottlenecking and gouging damage while providing better contact and vertical drill pipe load distribution. The multi-segmented bodies are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel that resists wear while providing maximum load-carrying capacity. Strong and balanced, they are designed to minimize both crew fatigue and maintenance while offering extended performance. All of our drill pipe slips are compatible to American Petroleum Institute (API) bowl designs 1-2-3.

  • Load rating weight: 100-1000 tons

  • Pipe size ranges: up to 11.75 inches

  • Manufactured in accordance with API 7K (latest edition)

  • Heat-treated alloy steel

  • Flexible safety handles

  • Full catalog of replacement parts

  • Compatible with Forum’s PSA-150 / PSH-150 and Access Backsaver® products

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